Oz Lotto payout levels


To GUARANTEE First Prize in Oz Lotto, you need to play 45,379,620 Games.  Even if you had the cash to play this for a $60 Million Oz Lotto  Jackpot, if there two winners you have a Multi-Million dollar loss!  So, let us stick to sensible options.

Winning Oz Lotto - Regular Small WinsOz Lotto has SEVEN payout levels – the bottom 2 of which are:  3 Main Numbers + a Supp and 4 Main Numbers.

To work with this, we have created a 505-game entry that guarantees FOUR or more of the main 7 numbers – this USUALLY also gives us wins at the 3 Main Numbers + a Supp level.  EVERY single one of the 45 numbers is present between 77 and 81 times.

We can supply a different set of 505 numbers for every Oz Lotto Syndicate that chooses to work with us.  We recommend an Oz Lotto Syndicate of at least 20 Members to make it affordable for everyone; we also recommend only playing this entry if the Oz Lotto Jackpot is $40 Mill or more.  Think about it for a moment.  By joining with 19 others and paying only what you would normally pay personally, you increase your chances of winning by TWENTY times!  If the Jackpot is $40 Mill, then all 20 members get $2 Mill; If the Jackpot is $60 Mill, then all 20 members get $3 Mill.  While everyone wants the $60 Mill to themselves, the reality is that $3 Million is plenty for anyone and ESPECIALLY when you increase your chances 20 Times by partnering with 19 other players.

To get started on this, send an email to terry.aust@gmail.com with details of your existing Syndicate. You can get this Oz Lotto System for FREE by adding us as an additional member of your Syndicate; all we get out of it is what you get out of it.

If you want to join one of MY Syndicates please email terry.aust@gmail.com and I will get back to you.

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