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How “Play Lotto At A Discount” works.

The Internet of full of shonky operators.  To keep things above board, there are same safeguards we insist on, both for your protection and ours.

If you play in one of OUR Syndicates, we insist on payment through Paypal.  Why?  Because your credit card details and/or bank details do NOT get sent to us.  We DO need an email address and phone number to send you details of your wins and contact you if necessary; no other private details should be sent to us.  With Paypal, your payment  does not reveal your credit card details and/or bank details to us.

If you set up your own Syndicate, with me as a member, obviously it is up to you how you run it. If it is Workplace Syndicate and everyone gives you cash to buy the coupons that is fine; the administration is your business not mine.

Here is an Outline of how things work, using the Powerball Australia 120-game entry as an example.

Thursday – Powerball Drawn

Friday – We email you details of our win and how much you need to pay next week after reducing the cost of the coupons by our win

Saturday – You send me the amount for the coming week by Paypal

Tuesday – I buy the tickets for this week and send a photocopy to you as proof of purchase

This is the procedure for Powerball; Oz Lotto and Saturday Lotto follow the same procedure but obviously on different days.

Paypal payments take 3 days to hit my account, so please pay on Saturday (for Powerball).  If I receive your Powerball payment before Thursday, you are in the Draw for that week. If I have not received your payment by lunchtime Thursday, you are NOT in the draw for that week.

For the First Week only, once you have paid then the numbers we play will be sent to you in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet.  If you do not have Excel, let me know when you sign up and I willarrange to send your numbers in a text file.